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May 18, 2012

The high end of unemployment

We have all seen the increase over the past few years regarding the increase and devastation which unemployment is bringing to this country. It seems like nothing is being done in regards to resolving the situation and is apparent that unemployment is escalating out of control.


So what are the statistics of employment with in theUK??????


It has been seen that in 2011UKunemployment has increased to 2.64m it is seen to be the highest since 1994. Unemployment in 16-24 year-olds has risen 22% from 20.8% which it was just three months previous. As it is seen the young are the ones who are baring the brunt of the lack of jobs and job opportunities with in theUK. It has also been proven that those out of work for 12 months or more rose to 868.000 from 849.000 again in a three month period and are accountable for one in three of the unemployed.




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