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May 18, 2012

Banker Bonuses

We have seen in the press in recent months how much bankers get paid in bonuses and particularly in the last year or so, how much public outcry there is over it. The Government urged Royal Bank of Scotland to show restraint over how much it paid its high up executives after the bank was bailed out by the taxpayer. On the plus side however, the new boss of RBS refused to take his bonus even though he was not involoved in the downfall of the bank.

So how much do these people get in terms of bonuses…. rather a lot!
In 2011 the average household income was £26,000 after tax. Bob Diamond head of Barclays Bank was paid a massive 6.5 million pound bonus… yes you did read that right, 6.5 million!! No wonder people got upset, especially as at the moment the economy is taking one hell of a beating and as result there is a lack of jobs. It is easy to see that the situation we portray in our piece is something that could really happen to someone.

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