Finding a space to stage the piece.

Our original idea was to perform in the lpac auditorium, mostly because the opening scene is about the theatre. However, this actually became more of a problem due to our relatively small audience. After the performance and feedback, we agreed that the piece probably would have been more suited to a smaller, more intimate space. … Continue reading “Finding a space to stage the piece.”

The live rehearsal process

After filming the pre-recorded sections of the show, we were then able to rehearse the live sections of the performance. Starting with the scene where Kelly steals from the shop, Emily S rehearsed reading the corresponding lines to what Kelly was saying in the video. At first this didn’t run smoothly; there was far too … Continue reading “The live rehearsal process”

When hard work doesn’t pay off.

One of the ways we’re planning to justify the actions of Kelly’s character is to present her as an honest, hardworking individual, disappointed by what she gets in return for her positive approach to life. Because it’ happens all the time, and we see it every day: You submit an essay you’ve spent two weeks … Continue reading “When hard work doesn’t pay off.”

You wouldn’t steal a car…

You know that annoying advert that comes on every time you watch a dvd?  The one that looks a little like this? We decided to use this as inspiration when describing our piece. After all, everyone is familiar with the words. But we added a twist to the message. Because, like it or not, … Continue reading “You wouldn’t steal a car…”

Trixie Fate and Lucy Luck

It’s not just an excuse to wear ridiculous wigs (although we’re certainly not complaining…). Trixie and Lucy’s characters serve as a device to encourage the audience to support Kelly’s risk taking. Despite what the audience may think, and with no regard to morals of any sort, the two hosts of the show  aim to influence … Continue reading “Trixie Fate and Lucy Luck”