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May 18, 2012

Trixie Fate and Lucy Luck

It’s not just an excuse to wear ridiculous wigs (although we’re certainly not complaining…).

Trixie and Lucy’s characters serve as a device to encourage the audience to support Kelly’s risk taking. Despite what the audience may think, and with no regard to morals of any sort, the two hosts of the show ¬†aim to influence the audiences vote though what they say. During the shoplifting clip, it is Trixie’s job to justify the act of stealing to Kelly and audience alike. She creates a series of excuses to make taking a few extra items seem right.

When attempting to encourage Kelly to steal the bag from a stranger, both Trixie and Lucy appear outraged by the stranger’s behaviour. The idea of revenge is encouraged as another way of justifying theft. Kelly’s actions, however, begin to spin out of control, leaving Trixie and Lucy to panic on stage. These two characters witness the effects of their encouragement as the line between the screen and the stage is crossed.

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