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May 18, 2012

The recorded process

The recorded rehearsal process consisted of dividing the live selection of the performance and the pre-recorded as two separate rehearsal processes. This allowed us to explore the multimedia aspects this work had to offer and play around with a variety of both vision and sound.

The rehearsal process which was explored first was the recorded element. This was decided due to the fact that the recorded element is a large part of the performance and once this was complete the live element of the production could be incorporated around the recorded element to produce the final outcome.


The first part of the recording process was the interview for the game show. The intention behind this was to describe the purpose of the game show whilst introducing my character and explaining my past to illustrate the intention behind the first part of the performance. It was also designed to get the attention of the audience and encourage them to be on the side of my character, which will later hopefully influence their choice when it came to them forming their vote in regards to what path my character should peruse.


Secondly, we recorded the steeling from the shop scene. This scene was the longest to film and rehearse as we had made many alterations and even changed the location of the shop used. Firstly, we had decided to film this scene in the university shop after many takes we decided that it did not work as we would have liked. This was mainly due to the amount of people entering the shop and hindering the filming process. Again the process was hindered as there were only two of us which did the filming myself and Emily Q which proven difficult to both film and act as essentially we needed to have a extra person who could have been the presenter for it to have worked a little more smooth. However, after much deliberation and filming we decided to change location to a local shop which worked a lot better. Not only did it give the scene a more authentic and realistic look, the new location allowed us to continue with the filming on to the next scene which saw me talking to the camera giving my reaction to what just happened and waiting my next task.

We filmed this scene with two alternative outcomes which we was going to allow the audience to choose which we played, unfortunately we did not continue with this idea as we had decided to ensure we got the result we wanted and only played the scene of the robbery.


The next scene we filmed was my character robbing the bag. This scene was again filmed with two outcomes and again we had played only the one. The scene we played was the version which the audience had voted me to steel the bag. The second scene was where I had ignored the studio audiences vote and taken the situation into my own hands and I had stolen the bag regardless of the outcome.


Lastly, the scene we filmed was the robbing the house scene. This again was changed a variety of times from the way in which I actually break into the house and the outcome of the violent encounter which happens at the end. The biggest change we made was the violet outcome as we toyed with the idea my character would beat up the home owner then flee. However, after playing with this idea is was made apparent that the accidental encounter worked better as it was less messy and created the effect we wanted. The effect which we were trying to create throughout that whole scene was that my character had lost control and that I was not a bad person it was situations in my life which resulted in my making the choices I had made. However, participation in the game show had driven me to believe that I deserved all the things I had taken and that I justified all the bad things I had done by blaming other people and the society in which I live in.

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