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May 18, 2012

The desperate life of Kelly

My character Kelly is a hardworking member of society that the audience is able to sympathise with. Unfortunately I am disappointed by what life has given me in return for all my efforts: no job, no money and soon I will be homeless. Firstly my character reflects on how the situation I am in doesn’t seem fair this is displayed through the initial interview. However, thanks to the encouragement from Trixie and Lucy, it appears that my disappointment soon turns to anger, and the desire to seek revenge from those who have made my life a misery. My anger, although justified is aimed mainly at Trixie for presenting a show that clearly doesn’t deliver on its promises. As the show goes on the audience will either find themselves supporting my character and my actions or feel sorry for me. Ultimately what I do cannot be justified, and the audience is left questioning whether I am a victim of an unfair system, or an easily corruptible criminal.

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