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May 18, 2012

Staging the Show

Once we had got our idea pretty much sorted we had to figure out how we were going to actually stage it.  Initially we wanted have two options of film for the audience to choose from.  We were going to film two outcomes for each task that Kelly had to complete and the audience would vote for either the good outcome – she didn’t steal it or the bad outcome – she does steal it.  The way I imagined this working would be a bit like a DVD menu – it would have the options on the screen and the techies would select whichever one was required.  By doing this it would have given the audience control over the outcome of the piece and even we as performers would not even be certain of what was going to happen.  What would have been interesting is if each option then led to two new options so in total there would have been numerous possibilities as to what the overall outcome would have been.

We decided that the set and hostess’ costume should be as bright and glittery as possible to add to the cheesy – ness of it all.  The bright set also contrasts nicely with the dismal situation that Kelly finds herself in and when she finally destroys it and Trixies wig it kind of reflects the way her life has spiralled out of control and how everything seems all glittery and nice on the surface when actually it is anything but.

I think that the idea we had was a good idea and I like it a lot but I think the way we went about staging it was wrong.  I think we could have explored more ways of incorporating more things like Youtube and possibly Twitter or Facebook.  It would have been good if we had managed to stream the show live on to Youtube but also at the same time have a Twitter feed through which the audience can vote on the outcome.


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