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May 18, 2012


When lighting the show, we had the game show firmly in mind, so wanted to create as much of the atmosphere of a seedy, cheesy game show as possible. To this end we had bright lights, quite girly and sparkling as they reflected off of the glitter on set, as well as having the house lights up for a relatively large part of the show. Also, as the little audience we had was placed near to the stage, they were lit partly from the spill from the lights on stage. This was because we wanted the audience to be involved as much as possible, which was also why we involved them in the games that took place on stage, and had the interaction of the first two little scenes.

To reiterate the cheesiness and sordid nature of both the set and the game show itself, the lighting was bright, but felt close. It obviously had to dim for when the videos were being played, otherwise the videos would not have been seen. When the audience voted, and when the wheel was spun, the lights performed the stereotypical thing of flashing different colours in different spots, and had we had a musician in our group, we might possibly have come up with a short piece of music that would add tension to the moments when a decision was being made.

Colour-wise, we chose bright lights that would best create the effect of a dingy television studio, where a low budget game show such as the ‘wheel of control’ might be filmed.

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