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May 18, 2012

Finding a space to stage the piece.

Our original idea was to perform in the lpac auditorium, mostly because the opening scene is about the theatre. However, this actually became more of a problem due to our relatively small audience. After the performance and feedback, we agreed that the piece probably would have been more suited to a smaller, more intimate space. It was suggested that performing in a small space, tackily overdecorated and full of glitter would have helped exaggerate the idea of a seedy, underhand game show. We all agreed that this was a good idea and that the performance would have benefited from being tested out in other spaces.

This lead to a discussion and brainstorming of ideas of how we could take this further. As Rachel mentioned previously, one of the ideas we had was to take the wheel out into Lincoln city centre and try to get strangers to play a few minigames. (Sadly we could not control the weather.) Another idea was to create another version of the show, filmed in someone’s living room, as though literally taking over the contestants’ home and life. We felt that the piece would benefit from being more intrusive, and by taking the show into the contestants comfort zone it would be more manipulating and powerful as a result.

There are so many possibilities for how the original idea of Wheel of Control could be developed and experimented with, as we agreed that there will always be a percentage of people who are willing to take a chance and see what might happen.

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