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May 17, 2012

The Banks made them do it!!

The idea for the banker scene really came from the Guardian’s Three Little Pigs advert.  Towards the end of the ad – when it is revealed that the Wolf was murdered by the Three Little Pigs to cover up their insurance fraud which they had to do because they couldn’t keep up with mortgage repayments – there are people holding up placards which say – the banks made the pigs do it!  So we took this image and used it in our piece.  The idea behind the banker scene was to show how hard working everyday people are affected by the actions of a few people in high up places.  We wanted to create a situation where Kelly was unfairly treated by such a person in order to A) show that this is what really is happening ( though not quite how it happened in our piece, but you get the idea!) and B) get the audience to either sympathise with Kelly OR feel that there must have been a reason for her to lose her job.  Like the Three Little Pigs, the situation that Kelly finds herself in leads to her doing things that are commpletely out of character.  It also shows how far desparate people will go just to survive on a daily basis.  So in the banker scene we want the audience to feel as though Kelly actually had no control over her actions and in fact the banks made her do it.

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