Evaluation of the performance.

Overall we thought that the performance went well despite a serious lack of audience.  The videos all worked when they should have and overall everything ran smoothly.  There are however several things that we could have improved on considerably.  There were many ideas that we disscussed in terms of what technology we could possibly use to broadcast this to a wider audience and if we had not been a group technophobes we could have really gone to town on this.  We wanted to try and broadcast our cheesey gameshow on a live feed possibly via youtube but none of the group really knew how to go about this which was a shame.  Also we pre recorded the parts with Kelly out completing her tasks instead of doing it completely live and projecting it straight from camera to screen.  When we were unable to do the live thing so we decided to give the audience two options as to what Kelly would do and then play whichever one the audience voted for.  This would have worked if we could have found a way to make the video work like a dvd menu, once the audience voted the tech staff would select the relevent video and play it.  Unfortunately we had no idea how to make this happen, the only way it would of happened was if we had made them into separate videos and played them as such.  The only problem would have been the fact that the video feeds would have stopped completely and the audience will of seen what was on the laptop screen – the whole process of clicking on icons etc and this would of completely destroyed the show as would not of flowed at all and would also of destroyed any illusion that we had managed to create.  We had a huge variety of ideas that we ran by the tech staff and due to a lack of available technology we were unable to actually pull these ideas off – which was slightly annoying.

The feedback we recieved was beneficial and constructive.  We decided to perform in the theatre for a number of reasons but the lack of audience meant that there was no atmosphere and as a result the show felt very flat and dead.  If we were to do it again we would perform it in a smaller space which help us achieve the idea that this was in fact a low budget seedy gameshow.  In terms of what might do in the future we have a few ideas.  The day after the performance we wanted to take the Wheel of Control out and about on the streets of Lincoln.  The idea was for us to buy a variety of jelly sweets, some normal haribo, some fizzy bottles and finally something REALLY sour such as those Toxic Waste things that kids seem to love, and split them into two buckets.  The green bucket would have all the nice sweets in it and the red one would have a mixture of nice and sour sweets.  If the person spins and the wheel lands on green then they take a nice sweet, if it lands on red then they take the risk of getting a sour one.  If lands on yellow they get to chose which bucket to take sweet from.  Unfortunately true to form the great British weather let us down and it rained, so the Wheel of Control had to stay at home!  We would quite like to film the show in a small studio and making it into a youtube video.  What would be really nice is to have it filmed live and broadcast straight onto the internet and get people to either vote using mobile phones or vote by a facebook or twitter link.  With this in mind we have plenty of possibilities as to what we could do with the piece in the future.

Rachel, Kelly and Emily Q

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  1. On a purely practical note, I learnt that a wheel of fortune is much more useful if it’s weather proof.

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