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May 15, 2012

Example Questions

Shrouded in the usual secrecy, each of the stand-alone episodes takes the form of a giant social experiment. Some have been inspired by classic psychology tests, others concocted by Darren himself to illustrate how easily our behaviour can be manipulated.

Darren will attempts to explore the darker side of what makes us tick as human beings and, in one show, teach us how to completely change our fortunes.

First question;

Does a girl come over to him and flirt to get his ego up?


Does a girl excuse him of pinching his bum and puts her boyfriend on him?


Our question could be

Does she buy this chocolate bar and win a cash prize?


Does she get accused by a girl of calling her a bitch?

Laugh with the answer


Does the girl help the old lady back to her house and get cookies?


Does the old granny tell her she is useless and her outfit is rubbish?


After the rubbish day he is having does he….

Get a phone call from her friend to have lunch on them?


Get pushed by a guy running and drugs are put in his shirt pocket?

Cue police. What has been put in his pocket is vodka filled tampons for a comic effect?


Do the police arrest him?


Do they laugh in his face and send him on his way?

Gets arrested however only a warning as we can’t take him to a real prison

Now does he walk back home and find a home cooked meal?


Does a girl puke on him?

Then he gets really angry and runs away cue lpac hit by the train.

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