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May 10, 2012

First Scripting

Wheel of Control

We’ve been having two scripts to work with. The first comes first in the performance (hence why I’ve called it the first), and it sets up the scene and gets the audience where we want them. How we want them to feel and starting to get them to react in the way we want them to.

The second script is more disjointed, as it is the script we’ve been using while filming. In actuality, there hasn’t been a script to work to in terms of lines, instead, everyone has had an idea of how the scene should go, and the lines have been mostly set while filming.

However, I have been mostly working on the first script as myself and Rachel feature very little in the filmed scenes, Rachel not at all, so we spent our time writing the first two scenes. With these, again, we had an idea of what we wanted to do, and then have written and re-drafted until we feel it’s at the best it can be without getting it up on it’s feet. Although it is the most set of the scripts we have, it will be subject to improvisation, as it features around the audience, and that always adds an element of unpredictability to any performance.

Under this post is an extract from the first scene. This features mainly the banker, as she looks the theatre over, musing how best to turn it into a colossal profit.



“Inside the theatre.  Everyone is getting ready for the evening performance.  Banker enters with Secretary in tow.  Banker is busy talking a mile a minute whilst Secretary is frantically trying to write it all down. 

Banker:  Ah the theatre.  Yes well we can completely gut all of this and then we can turn it into a super night club selling extortionately priced drinks and therefore making me shed loads of money!  (To Secretary)  We’ll get rid of all those seat things and … maybe we can keep that platform thing (pointing to the stage) we can charge people extra to dance on it or something.  Are you getting all this?

Secretary:  Yes just about.

Bankers phone rings.

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